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School of Health Sciences

Through active learning, mentorship with faculty, and a curricular and co-curricular focus on community service and rural healthcare, graduates from the School of Health Sciences will be uniquely prepared to address local and regional health and wellness needs.

Students who are interested in entering the growing, dynamic field of health care have a wide range of options available to them. There are many different disciplines available to study under the umbrella of health sciences and a dizzying array of job opportunities after graduation.

Health care is critically important to our ever-evolving world, and Barton College offers excellent programs to prepare you to be a part of this vital industry. We are committed to helping our students pursue their goals, and we would love to give you a glimpse of what’s available for students of the health sciences.


What is Health Sciences?

This is a term that covers a broad range of studies, but it all boils down to one thing: a study of the care of people’s physical and mental health. A health sciences degree is what graduates of a science-focused program in these topics receive. With a degree in health sciences, graduates can pursue work in health care with patients or research.

The study of health sciences is so broad that people can even begin in high school. However, the most comprehensive and meaningful study takes place at the college level. This is where future healthcare professionals dig into the science behind their work and learn how to apply that knowledge when working in the field.


Master’s Programs Available

If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree in health sciences, we have multiple options available at Barton College. Here are two popular master’s degree programs we offer.


Master of Science in Nursing Degree

This program is designed to be finished in two years of full-time study. It prepares students to work in administration or as educators. You’ll take classes such as Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing, Health Care Policy and Ethics, and Advanced Nursing Leadership.

To be admitted to the program, you must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with a 3.0 GPA or better and also be a registered nurse with an unrestricted license along with a minimum of one year of clinical practice.


Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology

This option provides an intensive education in exercise science, fitness, and human performance. You will be able to earn national certifications as a part of your coursework. The courses you’ll take include Advanced Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Special Topics in Kinesiology, and Advanced Concepts in Corrective Exercise.

We offer the option for students to pursue their Master of Science degree in Kinesiology at the same time as their undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. This enables students to complete both degrees in five years.


How Barton College Sets Up Students for Success

At Barton College, we embrace our smaller size because it enables us to focus on our students. We are nationally recognized for academics and athletics, and we strive to ensure that all our students have access to the best of what we have to offer.

Our goal for each learner is to give them the grounding they need to prepare them for success. We encourage a commitment to learning, achievement, and service. Our students are challenged to broaden their understanding of the world around them so they are ready to step into leadership roles in their careers and passions.

Join our Healthcare+HOSA Pathway Program

In Healthcare+ HOSA, you will explore various healthcare-related careers, develop hands-on healthcare skills, take part in leadership roles, and support your community through various service pro

jects. Broaden your connections and prepare for life after college.



Barton College’s Healthcare+ HOSA program focuses on real-world experiences that allow students to interact with healthcare providers, establish relationships, and build an understanding of numerous parts of the healthcare spectrum. Healthcare+ HOSA provides a jumpstart into numerous healthcare careers including:

  • Nursing
  • Pre-Med
  • Health Promotion
  • Exercise Science
  • Gerontology
  • Healthcare Administration
  • And many more

With a personalized focus on learning and individual pathways to success, Healthcare+ HOSA is a unique building block for a career in healthcare.


Start Your Future with Barton College

If you’re ready to take the next steps toward the career you want, we’d love to show you how Barton College can help you with your goals. We work hard to give students the support and flexibility they need to complete degrees in their chosen fields. With online coursework and a culture of encouragement, Barton College creates a culture of success. For more information, we invite you to contact us today.

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