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The college experience is all about learning and growing, and this isn’t restricted to what happens in the classroom. At Barton College, we proudly offer our students and the surrounding community a vibrant arts culture. Whether you seek a degree in the arts or want to expand your cultural understanding, we have what you’re seeking. Here are some ways we are here to help you explore the arts.


Experience the Arts at Barton


There are many types of art to enjoy on our campus, including visual arts, music, and more. Our theatre program is just one example of the many cultural experiences available.
We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre, with four areas of concentration from which to choose. These are musical theatre, performance, design, and management.
You can see our commitment to theatre in our extracurricular activities. The longest-running student organization we have is Stage and Script, which is a theatre club. This group supports main-stage theatre productions and many other performances throughout the year.
Whether you want to pursue theatre in your degree plan or not, you can still benefit from the theatre program. Any student is welcome to participate in Barton theatre productions. The college’s small size means that students can access hands-on experiences that may be out of reach at larger schools.
Even if you don’t choose to participate personally in theatre, be sure to take in some of the stellar performances. We are proud of our student performers and have ensured that they have the room to express their talents. In 2009, we opened the Kennedy Family Theatre. This exceptional facility provides space for a wide range of high-quality productions.


Experience the Music of Barton College/Wilson Symphony Orchestra


With more than 50 members, the Barton College/Wilson Symphony Orchestra is a joint effort between Barton College and the Wilson Community musicians.
Come take in the transformational expression of music through the orchestra’s performances. You may be familiar with recorded orchestral pieces but have never experienced the music’s power if you haven’t attended a live performance. Give yourself the gift of a concert at Barton College.
For true lovers of orchestral music, consider supporting them or any of the other Barton College arts by becoming an annual member.


Get to Know Our College Culture Through Our Art


With a wide range of art majors and minors through the School of Arts & Humanities, , students have significant paths from which to pursue their artistic passions.
No matter what degree students choose, all are welcome to enjoy the many art forms Barton College offers. See the Kennedy Family Theatre performances, or take in the many compelling exhibitions at the Barton Art Galleries.
If you’re interested in supporting the exciting work in visual arts, consider joining Friends of Visual Arts. This organization strives to support the Barton College Visual Arts through lectures, enrichment activities, and developing resources to sustain the visual arts community.


Find Your Passion in the Arts with Barton College Today!


Barton College offers an intimate campus setting with a distinctive arts presence. And, we invite you to explore the excellent educational opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a major(s) in the arts!
For more information about the Barton Experience and all the educational opportunities we offer, contact us today!

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