Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides data and other types of descriptive information about Barton College to support institutional decision-making and mission attainment. In addition, staff conduct research studies, longitudinal analyses, and surveys on various aspects of the institution to support internal planning, assessment, and evaluation. The Office of Institutional Research has the responsibility of institutional reporting to external agencies such as the North Carolina Higher Education Data System, the US. Department of Education, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The Office of Institutional Research reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Institutional Research services include: assisting other members of the College community who want to conduct institutional studies or need assistance in developing research techniques; providing raw and summary data to administrators, faculty, staff and other stakeholders; participating in the compilation, analysis, and presentation of research studies; providing expertise in assessment techniques and the development of student learning outcomes; offering assistance in the design and development of survey instruments; and offering expertise related to SACSCOC standards and requirements.


As the central evaluation and data collection arm of Barton College, the mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to progressively contribute to the strategic planning, policy formulation, and decision-making processes of the college by advancing and providing timely and accurate quantitative and qualitative information, analyses, and summary reports in support of overall institutional effectiveness, mission attainment, quality enhancement, and accountability.

Common Data Set

Created in 1997, the Common Data Set is a tool that enables colleges and universities to collect and report on data utilizing a standardized set of definitions and guidelines. It represents a compilation of the most frequently-requested information regarding Barton College students, academic programs, and services, thereby serving as a primary data source for higher education publishers and data providers.

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Institutional Metrics

The institution annually examines its program learning outcomes, state licensing examination rates, National Survey of Student Engagement results, and the Collegiate Learning Assessment results.

Learn more about our institutional metrics.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board is committed to advancing the responsible conduct of ethical research involving human subjects. The mission of the Barton College Institutional Review Board is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research under the auspices of Barton College. The College will ensure this mission through oversight of research activities involving human subjects through the review, approval, modification, or disapproval of research applications submitted by members of the Barton community or external investigators wishing to conduct research within the Barton community. The IRB will adhere to the principles of the Belmont Report and to the mandates set forth in the Code of Federal Regulation Title 45 Part 46.

Institutional Review Board Membership

Ms. Lorie Dalola
Institutional Review Board Director

Dr. Mark Basinger 
Associate Professor of Biology
Term: 2022-23 – 2023-24

Dr. Lauren Biscardi
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Term: 2022-23 – 2023-24

Dr. John Boldt 
Assistant Professor of Education
Term: 2022-23 – 2023-24 (2nd term)

Dr. Sheri Browning
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Term: 2023-24 – 2024-25 (2nd term)

Dr. Paul Christianson
Associate Professor of Sport Management
Term: 2023-24 – 2024-25

Ms. Cameron Cochran 
Community Representative
Term: 2022-23 – 2023-24

Dr. Randy Hamm
Associate Professor of Nursing
Term: 2023-24 – 2024-25 (2nd term)