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Health Promotion Major


Degrees Offered:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


The health promotion major prepares students to promote health and wellness to both individuals and groups. Graduates play a key role on the allied health care team through education and support of individuals who are optimizing their health through behavior change.

This major prepares graduates to enter the workforce directly and serve as health educators, behavioral health specialists, community workers, and related positions in the healthcare field. Additionally, the major prepares students interested in graduate and/or professional school to be competitive candidates for several health-related programs.

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Health Promotion Major Requirements

  • PED 131 – Wellness for Life
  • PSY 101 – Introductory Psychology
  • GRN 101 – Aging: Individual and Society
  • SPS 210 – Practicum 1
  • HEA 220 – Introduction to Allied Health
  • HEA 230 – Health and Wellness in Modern Society
  • HEA 240 – Medical Terminology
  • HEA 345 – Health Behavior Change
  • PSY 365 – Health Psychology
  • REL 336 – Health, Healing, and Religion
  • SPS 410 – Organization and Leadership in Sport and Health
  • HEA 445 – Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Completion of one Health Promotion concentration of at least 12 semester hours
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