Crowd of Students at graduation

Why get an MBA?

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If you aspire to secure a managerial position in any industry or want to launch your own company, obtaining an MBA may seem like a logical step in your career. However, given the time commitment and expense that comes with an MBA program, you may wonder if the degree is worth the price. Earning your MBA offers numerous benefits and is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a successful career. The Benefits of an MBA Completing an MBA program and earning your degree provides you with the skills you need to build a successful career as a supervisor in any field. Not only does an MBA program give you […]

A student of Barton College studies on a laptop in their library

What Can You Do with a Business Administration Degree?

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If you’re interested in being a leader in the business world, the idea of striking out on your own and teaching yourself to be an entrepreneur as you launch a startup out of your garage may sound fascinating. Though this all-or-nothing approach worked for well-known CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, you don’t have to throw yourself into the business world knowing nothing to become an eventual success. In fact, if you want to work in the business arena, pursuing business administration jobs may be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself and your future. Why Pursue a Career in Business Administration? Business administration jobs are […]

Four students of Barton College's nursing program stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms crossed smiling at the camera

What Can You Do With a Nursing Degree?

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As you read this article, you’ll learn about the many careers available to those with a nursing degree: Like many areas of the country, North Carolina has a nursing shortage. The staffing problem isn’t just in hospitals — nurses play vital roles in many sectors, including education and research. So, what does that mean for you? It means there are a wide variety of nursing positions. Traditional Nursing Careers Of course, there are a few immediate answers people think of when asked about registered nurses. Registered nurses are integral members of the health care team. Nurses assess patients, administer prescribed medications and treatments, and collaborate with other members of the […]

The Barton College pep band greets spectators at an event

Benefits of Joining Pep Band

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As a new college student in North Carolina, getting involved in activities is a great way to meet new friends and have a well-rounded campus experience. If you play a marching band instrument and enjoy watching sports, you may be able to take advantage of the benefits of pep band. Pep band is an ensemble that plays music primarily at sporting events and perhaps other school functions. The purpose is to entertain the crowd, promote school spirit, and help everyone to have fun by playing popular songs and performing choreographed routines. One of the benefits of the pep band is that you have fun while providing enjoyment to others. However, […]

An ROTC Pep Band from Barton College performs their routine for a family audience

Why Join ROTC at Barton?

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Getting a college education can be one of the most important steps a young person can take towards achieving lasting success in life. For many people heading to or aspiring to college, ROTC can be a great option. This can be a way to deepen and improve your college experience in a variety of ways. Whether you have considered ROTC before or not, the following information will help you decide whether Air Force ROTC at Barton is right for you. What Is ROTC? The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a military program that allows students to both study in college and serve after completing their degrees. At Barton, we have […]