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Career Opportunities in Health Sciences: Beyond Traditional Roles

Are you looking for a fulfilling career that offers job security and competitive pay? A Baccalaureate in Science degree or a Master of Science degree in the health sciences opens the door to a wide range of opportunities that span from healthcare to data analysis and strategic planning. At Barton College, we’re committed to equipping the next generation of leaders so they’re ready to take on successful health science jobs that are gratifying and well-paid.

What is Health Science?

Health Science is a field of study that covers a wide range of careers that focus on helping people and animals to become and stay healthy. Undergraduate courses typically include health-related topics like psychology, sociology, and epidemiology, along with business-related classes like health policy and the business of health care.

A career in health science can be very fulfilling, and it’s easy to find a career path that matches your unique strengths and interests. Health science jobs can range from healthcare delivery and communication to health education and biomedical technicians. Let’s look at several career options with a health science bachelor’s degree. Jobs can vary greatly in terms of environment and salary.

Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs 

Health science jobs don’t always require bedside care. There are many non-clinical career paths that you can take.

Biomedical Equipment Technician

A biomedical equipment technician is in charge of keeping the medical equipment in working order in a medical setting. A person in this role should be an expert on how medical equipment works and how to fix it quickly. On average, a biomedical equipment technician makes around $54,000 per year.


An epidemiologist is in charge of learning how diseases spread and where they’re likely to spread next. They’re tasked with teaching the public about how they can help prevent them from spreading throughout the community. On average, epidemiologists make around $73,000 per year.

Health Services Administrator

A health services administrator oversees the medical facility to make sure it runs efficiently. They make around $69,000 per year.

Traditional Healthcare Jobs

Most traditional healthcare jobs are hands-on with patients in a variety of healthcare settings.

Anesthesia Technician

An anesthesia technician cleans and organizes anesthesia equipment before surgery begins and helps to monitor the patient while they are undergoing surgery. They make around $64,000 per year.


Dentists care for a patient’s teeth and gums in a dental office. They work alongside dental hygienists to promote oral health for their patients. Dentists make around $180,000 per year.


Paramedics are responsible for quickly assessing a patient’s needs and keeping them calm as they’re transported to the hospital. On average, a paramedic makes around $49,000 per year.


A physician treats patients when they are sick, injured, or experiencing health conditions. They can specialize in one area or provide more generalized care. Physicians make around $196,000 per year.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses assist physicians who are treating patients in a medical setting. They care for patients and act as liaisons to keep communication open between physicians, their patients, and the patients’ families. Registered nurses make around $89,000 per year.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists treat and diagnose patients who have breathing disorders to help them find the right breathing techniques and medications to treat their symptoms. A respiratory therapist can expect to make around $87,000 per year.

Surgical Technician

Surgical technicians prepare the operating room, clean surgical tools, and help the surgeon throughout the procedure. They make around $79,000 per year.

Get Your Health Sciences Career Started Today

Are you ready to embark on a career path that’s fulfilling and secure? Contact Barton College to learn more about our health sciences program. We offer a wide range of health sciences programs with competitive coursework and flexible class schedules to help busy students succeed. Let’s start planning your future today.

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