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Why Theater Education?

If you’ve found your passion in acting, you may want to consider studying Theatre in college. Some people assume this isn’t a practical choice, but the truth is that a degree in Theatre can open more doors than you may think. Barton College offers a Theatre degree that provides a well-rounded education and practical performing experience. Here are the facts about a college education in Theatre and what it can do for you.

What You Can Expect to Learn as a Theatre Major

A performing arts degree covers much more than your time on the stage. You will learn about all the different parts that go into a performance. These include topics such as costume design, theatre history, set design, directing, dramaturgy, technical Theatre, and creative writing.

Depending on which aspect of Theatre you’re interested in, you can focus on classes to develop the skills you need, such as acting, singing, or dance. But no matter which path you choose, having a thorough grounding in all the work that goes into creating a show will help you excel in your part of the effort. You’ll learn to communicate and work with other professionals in your field.

What’s more, a degree in Theatre doesn’t mean you can only pursue work as a performer. It can also open up career possibilities you may have yet to consider, such as teaching.

What Is a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre?

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in Theatre, one of the choices you’ll need to make is whether you’re more interested in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre or a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre. There is some overlap between the two degrees but also important differences.

A BFA is generally more focused on performance, with an emphasis on opportunities for experiential learning. A BA, on the other hand, provides a more well-rounded education. This degree not only provides instruction in different roles in the Theatre but also a broader grounding in general education. The result is a well-informed understanding of Theatre and the world it’s a part of. A BA is more likely to require a minor than a BFA, which opens up more career possibilities.

See How Barton College Handles Theatre

At Barton College, we offer a BA in Theatre that combines our excellent liberal arts education with a solid grounding in Theatre. Students choose one of four areas of concentration, focusing on musical Theatre, performance, management, or design.

Students benefit from the Kennedy Family Theatre, which opened in 2009. The theatre program produces several productions in this state-of-the-art facility each year, including main-stage shows and original student works. The Kennedy Family Theatre provides space for theatre students to learn their craft and present comedies, dramas, musicals, concerts, one-act plays, and much more.

Theatre faculty encourage internship opportunities at well-respected theatres to help students gain valuable real-life experience in the world of theatre.

The performing arts program also receives support through Theatre at Barton, an organization that reaches out to the local community with educational opportunities and events.

Barton also offers the Theatre Action Guild (TAG) Pathway Program for those students ready to step into the spotlight during their first year at Barton.

Theatre Action Guild

Pursue Your Passion with Barton

If you’re interested in earning a BA in Theatre, we invite you to tour Barton College and see how we can support you in finding your dream career. Our goal is to help every student succeed, not only in their studies but in their personal life as well. We offer an exceptional academic education with a personal touch, so you can build a future you will love. For more information about who we are and what we have to offer,contact us today.

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