Featured image for post: Altovise N. Staton, M.S.N.

Altovise N. Staton, M.S.N.

Having earned a degree in respiratory therapy early in her healthcare career, Altovise brings over 25 years of healthcare experience to our nursing students. She most recently comes to us from ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville, NC where she works in the Cardiovascular Operating Room and has earned her Certification as an operating room nurse. She also works in the Operations Center as a Transfer Center Nurse where she has the privilege of connecting providers in rural areas of Eastern NC with the tertiary care their patients need. In addition to that she has nursing experience in emergency medicine, and cardiovascular intensive care. Her academic career includes adjunct positions as an instructor with Pitt Community College and Grand Canyon University. She has held positions in clinical education and leadership to round out her career in several key areas of the hospital and as well as academia. In her spare time, she enjoys providing community education. As an AHA Instructor she provides education in CPR, AED use and First Aid to local schools, churches, and community centers at no cost to them. 

Altovise is passionate about health equity and diversity in healthcare professions. She is committed to helping bridge the health and healthcare disparities gap through community support and provider education surrounding access to healthcare, both basic and complex.