Dr. Farzad Mohaddes, Ph.D.

Dr. Farzad Mohaddes was born and raised in Iran (AKA Persia). He completed his bachelor’s and master’s in textile chemistry and polymer science in Iran. In his late 20s, Dr. Mohaddes moved to Australia to pursue his education in the same discipline at the Ph.D. level. He obtained his doctorate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Melbourne, Australia in 2015. Following his graduation, Dr. Mohaddes started his first postdoctoral fellowship at RMIT School of Applied Chemistry focusing on the retrieval and characterization of cosmetic-based microplastics/microbeads from different origins i.e. fauna, flora, aqua, and soil. Meanwhile, Dr. Mohaddes enjoyed teaching chemistry courses and advising graduate researchers until he found his faith in moving to the US. He started his second post-doctoral fellowship at NC State University in 2018. At NC State, Dr. Mohaddes led different research projects on metal oxide gas sensors, microfabrication of 3D stackable thermoelectric generators (TEGs), fabrication and characterization of flexible TEGs, development of porous elastomers with ultra-high and ultra-low thermal conductivity for energy harvesting applications. Dr. Mohaddes joined Barton College in the capacity of Assistant Professor of Chemistry in August 2023.

Some of his areas of interest are spectroscopy, chemical synthesis & functionalization, pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-composites, and materials science & engineering.

In his spare time, Dr. Mohaddes enjoys swimming, playing chess, traveling, playing the piano and guitar, and tasting new foods with family and friends.