Featured image for post: Leticia Acevedo, Ed.D., M.S.N.

Leticia Acevedo, Ed.D., M.S.N.

Dr. Leticia Acevedo has extensive nursing experience in critical care, stepdown, and education in the hospital setting. She holds a CCRN certification from the American Association of Critical Care. She is currently a BLS instructor. Dr. Acevedo received her ADN from Nash Community College, BSN from Chamberlain University, and MSN in nursing education from Grand Canyon University. She started teaching in the hospital setting in 2016 and participated in the development of research at the same facility. She is the recipient of the Nurse Excellence award in 2019. An award given for excellence in nursing education, community service, and participation in education development. Dr. Acevedo also received her Doctor of Education in the area of Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University. While pursuing her doctoral education, Dr. Acevedo started teaching nursing in the clinical and academic setting. Dr. Acevedo is currently working on a second doctorate in general psychology in the area of cognition and instruction. Aside from teaching nursing, Dr. Acevedo has participated in medical missions to Central America where she has helped to provide care and health education to people with no access to medical care. Dr. Acevedo is looking forward to joining Barton College of Nursing in the fall semester of 2022.