Weather Advisory 4 — After the Storm / Returning to Campus

Weather Advisory 4 — After the Storm / Returning to Campus 

Members of the Barton community,

As promised, this Sunday message provides a confirmation of plans for re-opening the Barton campus for students, faculty, and staff in the week ahead.  No plans have changed from Saturday’s announcement for residence halls re-opening on Monday, September 17, at Noon, and classes resuming on Wednesday, September 19, at 8 a.m. Details related to the campus re-opening are posted below in the second half of this message. 

We have added new information below that may be especially helpful for students as travel plans are being made for returning to campus later this week. Please take time to read the entire message.

We continue to emphasize that safety remains our top priority!  Students — If you would like to return to campus prior to classes on Wednesday, you may do so as early as Monday, September 17, beginning at Noon. However, you do not need to return early if you prefer to wait until Wednesday. 

*Students  — If you are unable to return for Wednesday classes, you should contact the Office of Student Success and your professors. Please be assured that professors will work with you on an individual case-by-case basis to help you catch up on missed work if you cannot return to classes as scheduled.

All Students, Please Fill Out This Student Update Form at the Link Below —  

All Students — The Office of Student Success would like to gather more information about your well-being after the storm. At your earliest convenience, please complete this Student Update to allow us to best support you when you return to campus.

Information About Travel Conditions in North Carolina — 

Please visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Travel Information site at

In addition to special travel alerts, this site allows you to select regions, counties, and specific highways in drop-down boxes located below the alert box on this site to target travel routes you are considering (scroll down to find drop-down boxes). This option provides real time information about maintained roadways in North Carolina.

Once you select the highway and county or region in the drop-down boxes, you have the option of viewing traffic conditions, incidents, and adverse weather conditions. Be sure to check all three to get the most comprehensive information.

You may also choose to visit  This link provides predictions from the National Weather Service that show the potential for major flooding at a dozen sites the agency monitors in North Carolina. This may be helpful for those traveling on highways that cross over major rivers.

Additional updates are found at 

Specific Details for Re-Opening the Barton Campus This Week (As previously posted on Saturday) —

Barton College will resume a normal class schedule beginning Wednesday, September 19, at 8 a.m.  (The College will need to add extra class sessions for the Tuesday classes at the end of the semester. Faculty will adjust their syllabi to make sure that students complete all necessary course work this semester. Please watch for those details as the semester continues.)

Athletic practices and games, as well as campus meetings and events will also resume on Wednesday, September 19.

Residence Halls will re-open on Monday, September 17, at Noon for students who are able to return safely to campus and would like to return early. Residence Hall desk staffing will resume that evening, and campus activities for students are being planned for Monday and Tuesday evenings.

*Please note that Hamlin Dining Hall and the Willis N. Hackney Library will also re-open on Monday, September 17, at Noon.

 College Offices will resume a normal operating schedule on Tuesday, September 18, at 8:15 a.m. Please notify your supervisor if your travel conditions prevent you from following the College’s operating schedule for returning to work on Tuesday.

We continue to encourage everyone to use good judgment and caution as you travel back to campus. Please be safe, as road conditions may vary from town to town.

Please continue to monitor Barton email, the Barton website, Barton social media (,,, and the inclement weather message lines at (252-399-6868) for students and (252-399-6600) for faculty/staff.

Thank you,

Kathy Daughety

Office of Public Relations