Weather Advisory 2 – Returning to the Barton campus following Hurricane Florence

Weather Advisory 2 — Hurricane Florence                

Posted September 13, 2018

In Preparation for and During the Storm —

Even as Barton’s Emergency Response Team continues to closely monitor Hurricane Florence and the updated storm track models, the College is preparing to welcome students back to campus and to classes as soon as possible following the storm.

Campus preparations have been carried out this week with great efficiency and care to ensure the safety of our Barton students, faculty, and staff. Our thanks is offered to essential campus personnel who will remain on duty during the storm period. Your service is very much appreciated.

We continue to encourage everyone to use good judgment and caution throughout the storm period. Please stay safe.

Students who were unable to leave campus must continue to abide by storm-related guidelines, which require everyone to remain in the designated shelter space on campus (Waters Hall) throughout the storm period. Please note that students will not be able to return to their residence hall rooms until Dr. Chrissy Coley, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success, has given permission. Food service and student activities will be provided at the storm shelter location on campus.

*Students, please also refer to Provost Gary Daynes’ message below that was originally sent to you on Wednesday regarding assignments.

Dear faculty and students,

During the period of the college’s closure, some students may have access to the internet and be in good weather conditions.  Others, though, will have neither access nor ability to complete school work.  The same is true for faculty, many of whom live in areas that will lose power and all of whom have responsibilities beyond teaching courses.

For these reasons, assignments that would normally be due during the time of the college’s hurricane-related closure will not be due until after the college re-opens.  Similarly, assignments that faculty would normally grade during the break will not be graded or returned until after the college reopens. This is the case even for work that can be entirely completed and submitted online, and for work in fully online courses.

Once the college re-opens, faculty will revise their syllabi to update due dates and to ensure that all essential content and learning outcomes are covered before the semester ends. And students will immediately need to focus on completing work for their courses.

Students are, of course, welcome to study, complete work, and submit it during the closure.  Faculty are welcome to prepare course materials and grade assignments during that time.

Thank you and best wishes,

Gary Daynes

After the Storm / Returning to Campus —  

The Physical Plant staff will assess any damage to the campus following the hurricane and begin the clean-up required before the College can return to a normal operating schedule.

The College anticipates that residential students will be allowed to move back into their residence halls on Monday, September 17, beginning at Noon.

Classes will resume on Tuesday morning, September 18, beginning at 8 a.m. Offices will also resume a normal operating schedule on Tuesday.

**The College plans to post a confirmation message on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m., for re-opening residence halls, as well as resuming a normal operating schedule for classes and offices.

***Sunday’s Update will be posted through Barton email, through social media at;;, and on the Barton College website at  Updates also will be posted on the Barton College Inclement Weather Message Lines (252-399-6868) for students and (252-399-6600) for faculty/staff.

Television stations: WRAL, WNCT, WITN, and WNCN will also receive Barton College updates regarding the operating schedule. (We also have been told that WRAL will share updates with FM radio station 101.5, and WITN will share updates with FM radio stations 93.3. and 95.1.)

For further weather-related information, visit these sites —


Thank you,

Kathy Daughety

Office of Public Relations