Featured image for post: Theatre at Barton presents “Student Produced Works” on April 7

Theatre at Barton presents “Student Produced Works” on April 7

WILSON, N.C. — March 17, 2022 — Theatre at Barton is pleased to present “Student Produced Works” in the Kennedy Family Theatre at Barton College on Thursday, April 7, at 7:30 p.m.

This program will provide a stage for students, faculty, and staff at Barton College to share viewpoints of unique interests via stories, original poetry and songs, or other forms of communicating awareness. Students have submitted many original writings and their concepts will be visualized and celebrated this year in collaboration with “Days of Scholarship and Engagement” as a live performance event.

“We are proud to take a responsible role in leading our community on a journey that examines parts of humanity and ourselves, while listening, learning, and committing to action that may establish a lasting change in the performing arts industry,” shares Sherry Lee Allen, director of Theatre at Barton. “As collaborative educators, we will work together to provide theatrical opportunities that challenge our students to tell stories, which promote curiosity, address relevant issues, encourage conversation, and engage the imagination to change perceptions and seek hopeful solutions.”

Advance reservations are required at www.barton.edu/theatre. Admission is free, but there will be limited seating available for the audience in the Kennedy Family Theatre. Social distancing will be observed, and face masks are encouraged but not required.

Please note that this program will not be an open mic format.

For more information about this event, please contact Sherry Lee Allen, director of Theatre at Barton, at slallen@barton.edu or 252-399-6492, or visit www.barton.edu/theatre.