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HerStory: Kaylee Davis

Headshot of Jessica Simmons - 2022In celebration of Women’s History Month, Jessica Simmons, an intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications, interviewed Barton’s female faculty, staff, and students to share their challenges and insights about their roles as women.  HERStory features individual women and shares their personal stories of their proudest moments being women.

About Kaylee Davis

Kaylee is studying at Barton for her master’s degree in kinesiology. She plans to pursue a career in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. She likes to surf and skateboard.

What makes you unique?

I was born in China and adopted by two American parents. As a swimmer athlete for many years. In 2021, I finally retired from swimming. While working as an intern in a cardio rehab, I meet with COPD and heart patients. It is an opportunity to meet different people and learn their life stories.I can have thought-provoking conversations with people and get to know them personally.

What makes you feel proud to be a woman?

Being strong, brave, and courageous are the proudest moments of being a woman. I have met a lot of mentors that have shaped my values and personality. The mother that gave birth and the mother who raised me are also influential to me.

What are the moments that you celebrate as a woman?

Every day I celebrate women. We recognize milestones that women have accomplished, for example, women’s right to vote for their own life choices. As a lesbian, I appreciate women who do not romanticize womanhood and equate to gender-associated biases in viewing women as these beautiful creatures of the earth.

What are some defining moments for you as a woman?

I’ve defined myself by swimming. As athletes, my team and I celebrate wins and championships. Feminism is also defining. It has become more popular. It is important to see women generating big ideas in a domineering male society, and I like to say that I contribute to those bright ideas.

What are the many roles you have as a woman?

I am a lover not limited to a romantic definition. I am a daughter, granddaughter, mentor, teacher, and friend. While I may be retired, I am still an athlete and see myself as one because of the many friendships in my life and swimming has been a part of my life for so long.

What does Women’s History (HerStory) mean to you?

It means everything. Commemorating Women’s History Month shows women are worth celebrating. We deserve that respect.

What things do you strive for as a woman?

To strive to be the unique and authentic person I can be. I also strive for good grades. I am a perfectionist and reflective. I strive to be who I am and whatever I can do.

Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspired you.

Most of the things that inspire me are LGBT+ movements and PRIDE rights. Everyone believes that there is just male and female, which is the only thing that exists, but I am one of those people with the LGBT+ community. There’s not just male and female. You can be whoever you want to be and that is the thing I want women and everyone to aim for: to be authentically themselves.

My good friend, Claudia [Capellades Escolano], is another great inspiring woman. She believes in the individual’s uniqueness in the way they express themselves through fashion, no matter what gender they may be. She and I didn’t want to wear dresses and makeup, so we explored men’s clothing. We wear clothes that feel the most comfortable and look the best to us.