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Kameron House’s Next Bold Step Is UNC REX Heart and Vascular Hospital

Many students enter college with their minds set on an intended major and planned future, but sometimes those plans change. Students grow and mature during their college experience, not only academically, but in all aspects of life. This was no exception for Kameron House of Selma, who just graduated magna cum laude in May with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

House enrolled at Barton College in 2015, after graduating from East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014. While House was at East Carolina, her mother passed away following a life-long struggle with kidney disease. After spending so much time in the hospital with her mom, House knew that her heart was leaning toward the field of nursing.

This tightknit campus community in Wilson, where students develop lasting relationships with fellow classmates and professors, proved to just what House was looking for when she chose Barton. “All of my nursing professors helped me develop my nursing skills and my passion for the field,” shared House. “The faculty helped me develop my critical thinking skills and encouraged me to keep stretching myself to reach my goals.” House credits her ability to succeed in this rigorous academic program because the nursing faculty were available to answer questions and offer advice to the nursing students, both inside and outside of class.

Nursing is a physically and mentally demanding major, but House didn’t let that slow her down a bit. She accomplished much during her time at Barton. She was a member of the Barton College Association of Nursing Students (BCANS), and she served as vice president of the senior nursing class. She also dedicated her time during the past two years to tutoring other students in anatomy, microbiology, and nutrition, as well as some of the nursing classes. Tutoring not only benefited other students, but it also kept House refreshed on past materials covered in classes. Her academic success also led to her recent induction into Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society, which includes students in the top 30% of each nursing class.

Even though obtaining her nursing degree has been a priority for House, her family is also at the top of that priority list. She and her husband, Shane, are expecting their first child in August. Rounding out the family are their beloved dogs, a yellow lab, Gunny, and a beagle rescue, Memphis. Her favorite activities currently include time with her husband and the dogs, as well as keeping in shape by running and working out. Quality time with their new baby will soon be added to that favorites list.

While waiting for the baby to arrive, House is busy preparing for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses), which she plans to take this summer. And, she has accepted a job offer. She will be working at the Heart and Vascular Center at UNC REX Hospital. It has been her dream to be a cardiovascular nurse, since that first anatomy class at Barton. Her clinical rotation in the WakeMed Cardiac Unit solidified her decision. It’s an understatement to say that House is excited about her future, and she feels confident in her ability to offer the best nursing care possible, thanks to her Barton Experience.

“I am going to miss my time at Barton,” she added. “Though it’s been sad to graduate, I am excited to begin my life’s work. Barton is such a special place; it always felt like home for me, even though I was a commuter.”