Hurricane Irma – Weather Advisory 2

Barton College continues to closely monitor Hurricane Irma, while maintaining a state of heightened awareness and preparation throughout the weekend.  The current storm track models indicate Hurricane Irma will move north through Florida and take a northwest turn away from North Carolina.

Barton College is continuing to follow its normal operating schedule.  Should the weather conditions precipitate a need to alter normal operations at the College, notifications will be sent to all students, faculty, and staff through email, web site, the Barton app, and weather phone lines.

Residential students, if you do not need to travel this weekend, we encourage you to remain on campus and to avoid traveling to the south and west.  Please let your RA on duty know if you are traveling out of town this weekend.  If you do travel, please make informed, safe decisions about your travel and notify the RA on duty when you return to campus.

Gasoline supply is unusually low because of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We encourage everyone to fill up your vehicle tanks when possible and use that fuel sparingly.

We will post a third advisory update on Sunday afternoon, unless changes in the Hurricane path require an earlier message posting.

  • Weather phone line for students  – 252-399-6868
  • Weather phone line for faculty/staff – 252-399-6600