Barton Chaplain Publishes New Book “Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition: Faith, Systems, and Mental Healthcare”

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Wilson, N.C. – March 1, 2020 – Barton College Chaplain and local author David Finnegan-Hosey celebrates the release of his new book, “Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition: Faith, Systems, and Mental Healthcare.”

Finnegan-Hosey’s latest book emerges from his experiences with mental health struggles and the healthcare system. Having been diagnosed in 2011 with a disorder deemed a pre-existing condition, Finnegan-Hosey traces the connections between personal stories, mental health advocacy, and Christian faith. Along the way, he highlights the surprisingly theological language, which underpins our modern healthcare system, and the ways in which a more healthy theological conversation can help heal the brokenness of that system.

One of the issues raised in “Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition” is the link between pre-existing conditions and medical debt, something that Finnegan-Hosey experienced personally after he was denied coverage as a result of his diagnosis. He has donated all profits from pre-orders of his book to the organization RIP Medical Debt, helping to forgive approximately $35,000 of medical debt across the country. A portion of the proceeds from book sales at the release party also will be donated to RIP Medical Debt, which works to abolish medical debt across the country.

“It’s been an honor to be able to shine a light on the important topics of mental healthcare and medical debt, particularly within faith communities,” shared Finnegan-Hosey. “As Christians, we often struggle to discuss these topics, even though we are very aware that they impact our churches and our communities. I look forward to the launch of this book and to the vital conversations about faith, mental health, and advocacy that it will help create.”

For additional information about the book , please contact David Finnegan-Hosey at or 252-399-6368.


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