Featured image for post: Wilson/Barton Think Tank Welcomes Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan on November 6

Wilson/Barton Think Tank Welcomes Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan on November 6

WILSON, N.C. — On Friday, Nov. 6, the Wilson/Barton Think Tank: Foundational Policy Research for the Future will convene on the campus of Barton College to present its 2nd annual presentation for leaders in the Wilson community, focusing on “American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder.” The distinguished presenter will be geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan, author of “the Accidental Superpower.” He will discuss the ways that the United States’ physical and natural resources ensure its strength in a period of international turmoil.

The Wilson/Barton Think Tank, a partnership between Barton College, the Wilson Economic Development Council, and Wilson on the Move, has been established for the purpose of connecting local, regional and national business leaders to provide a variety of perspectives on the United States, North Carolina, and Wilson County economies with an emphasis on future economic trends.

“The Wilson /Barton Think Tank, while in its infancy, is providing national authorities on future economic trends so that community leaders have the benefits of their expertise,” noted Jennifer Lantz, executive director of the Wilson Economic Development Council.  “Critical decisions we will make in the coming decade will be made with factual data produced by Barton College faculty and students as well as national /international experts in a variety of economic related fields. The Wilson/Barton Think Tank will continue to grow in prominence and importance in developing foundational research that helps shape our economy.”

This event, to be held from Noon – 2:30 p.m., will include lunch in Hardy Alumni Hall followed by the presentation in the Kennedy Family Theatre at 1 p.m. Open to the public at $25 per person, reservations and payment are required by Tuesday, Oct. 27. Seating is limited. For additional information or to make reservations, please contact Carol Bowen, Wilson on the Move, at 252-237-1115 or cbowen@wilsonedc.com.

The Wilson/BartonThink Tank provides policy research and information on key economic questions that impact the region. Activities will include: convening to develop key research questions, carrying out research that addresses and tests the viability of various economic policies, and sharing the findings with local, regional and national stakeholders as appropriate. Barton College’s students and faculty will work with community members to complete the research.

The Think Tank aims to support the wide range of local efforts to improve the economic, cultural, and civic future of Wilson. “Barton College is thrilled to be a partner in this effort,” said Dr. Gary Daynes, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Barton College.  “We flourish as an institution when Wilson and the surrounding areas flourish.  And, our students grow as learners and citizens by being involved in the Think Tank’s research. Our involvement in the Think Tank, then, is a way for Barton to be a full partner in the local community and to advance our top priority—student learning.”

An Advisory Council, made up of local, regional, and national leaders, guide the work of the Wilson/Barton Think Tank. The Advisory Council convenes twice a year—once to identify the key questions that need to be investigated and once to discuss and assess the findings of these endeavors. In between, members of the Advisory Council members may be asked to collaborate with students, faculty, and the staff of the Think Tank to ensure the advancement of their efforts. The Advisory Council also works with the staff of the Think Tank to raise its visibility and disseminate its findings.

About the Speaker —

Zeihan has lived in the world of international affairs throughout his career. He launched his own firm, Zeihan on Geopolitics, in 2012, in order to specialize in customized executive briefings for his clients. In his new life, Zeihan applies his 12 years of intelligence experience and a geopolitical perspective to specific the needs of his clients. With a mix of insight and irreverence, he helps clients see their businesses and industries from a new point of view, so that they can prepare for a now-more-understandable future.

A frequent guest on national and international television news shows on CNN, ABC, Fox News, Zeihan is also frequently interviewed for radio programs. He has been quoted in major print and online publications including New York Times, Forbes, AP, Bloomberg, MarketWatch and many others.

Before becoming a full-time speaker, Zeihan was part of the core team that built Stratfor into a geopolitical consultancy and publishing house. In his variety of roles during a 12-year stint with Stratfor, including four years serving as the firm’s vice president of analysis, he designed products, serviced client needs and managed the firm’s analytical teams across all geographic and topical areas of responsibility.

Zeihan began his career working for the State Department in Australia, later moving to Washington, D.C., to join the Center for Political and Strategic Studies under Susan Eisenhower. In both capacities, he regularly analyzed developments in Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union while producing briefs and publications.