Featured image for post: My participation in AIG courses offered by Barton College

My participation in AIG courses offered by Barton College

“My participation in Barton’s courses focused on AIG instructions has transformed my educational career in multiple ways. First of all, the coursework provided valuable information about gifted learners, which is very important for teachers in all grade levels. Equally important, the delivery of this material was intentional, modeling instructional strategies that target the specific academic, social, and emotional needs of these students. As a result of the courses I took, I lead a more student-centered learning environment where I serve as a facilitator rather than a teacher. Now, my students regularly work in flexible groups on tiered assignments, developed to reflect the rigor, relevance, and student engagement that my district expects. My success in this area has led to teacher leadership opportunities that include leading professional development, speaking at regional leadership conferences, and a new job title, none of which would have been possible without the valuable collaboration in the AIG courses.”