Students and Staff Help “Stop Hunger Now”

Stop_Hunger_Now_EventWilson, N.C. – Barton students and employees in conjunction with the Wilson Rotary Club joined forces with relief organization Stop Hunger Now to pack 10,000 meals for the world’s hungry on April 23.

Hosted in Barton College’s Hardy Alumni Hall, assembly stations buzzed with activity and laughter as volunteers filled, weighed, sealed, and boxed the food. Periodically loud cheers punctuated the clamor as a gong sounded for every fifth box completed.

Each box, containing 36 bags of food, provided enough for 216 meals. The food itself was a mix of rice, textured soy flour, dehydrated vegetables, and a chicken-flavored vegetarian powder.

With an efficient assembly system and enthusiastic volunteers, the group reached their 10,000-meal goal in just over an hour.

Boasting a low overhead and using an efficient method of assembly, Stop Hunger Now is able to quickly pack meals at a small cost. According to their website, “Each meal costs Stop Hunger Now 20¢ to prepare.”

Linda Mercer, a programmer in the academic computing office, helped fill food bags and was impressed with the difference that Stop Hunger Now is able to make.

“I think it’s wonderful that they can do so much with so little, ” said Mercer.

Peter Damroth, a senior majoring in elementary education, also filled bags at one of the assembly stations. He said he got involved with the event because he felt that it was a good cause.

“It’s nice to help out; it’s rewarding. But it was fun at the same time,” said Damroth.

Barton chaplain the Rev. Hollie Woodruff, who was in charge of the event, said, “I think it was great. It really brought everyone together.” Woodruff said she looks forward to the next packaging event and wants to see Barton package even more meals next time.

To learn more about Stop Hunger Now, visit their site at

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