Featured image for post: “Outside the Lines” Senior Exhibition at Barton Art Galleries Opening on December 2

“Outside the Lines” Senior Exhibition at Barton Art Galleries Opening on December 2

Featured painting above – “Torn Landscape” by Reina Marie Abruzzo

WILSON, N.C. — December 1, 2019 — Barton College is pleased to announce the opening of the Fall 2019 Senior Exhibition “Outside the Lines” with an Opening Reception to be held on Monday evening, Dec. 2, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Barton Art Galleries in Case Art Building on campus. In collaboration with this evening, there also will be the Barton College Juried Student Exhibition. These events are open to the public at no charge, and the community is invited to attend.

Seniors within the School of Visual, Performing and Communications Arts will showcase their works or representations of their work in the Barton Art Galleries through Wednesday, Dec. 11. Also, on Tuesday, Dec. 10, Reina Abruzzo, Crystal Bowers, and Aimee Nguyen will give gallery talks at 10:45 a.m. in the Barton Art Galleries in Case Art Building.

The three seniors representing the Visual Arts programs at Barton include:

Reina Marie Abruzzo of Jacksonville plans to graduate in December 2019 completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design with a concentration in Painting, as well as a minor in Honors Research and Gallery-Museum Collection Studies.

Abruzzo’s work is a collection under the theme of exceeding previously set boundaries and being comfortable with the uncomfortable – an idea expressed by artist Jeremy Dean. The show exemplifies stepping out from her comfort zone as an individual as well as an artist. It challenges some of the rules of art many students are taught. The exhibition also displays personal boundaries that are stretched in trying new techniques, styles, and concepts.

The idea of being comfortable with uncomfortable is emphasized in this collection of works – an idea that is often unpopular with most people, including the artist herself. “This was the first time I was able to create literally whatever I wanted on my own, and I think it threw me off,” Abruzzo said. “But I took that energy, and, after some inspiration and time, embraced the new rebellion to create pieces that have become important to me.”

“She has continually developed her abilities within our creative design studio courses, and possesses the management skills and artistic abilities to be successful beyond Barton College’s baccalaureate degree,” shared professor Susan Fecho, professor of art and dean of the School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts at Barton College.

After graduation, Abruzzo plans on establishing a steady job as she explores other opportunities in the Gallery/Museum field. She intends to further develop her skills and better define her direction as an artist. Abruzzo will continue to create art and actively participate in the art community. She aspires to pursue a graduate degree at a later time to expand her education, experience, and credibility.

Crystal Lee Bowers, a native of Lawrence Harbor, N.J., plans to graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in Graphic Design and Painting.

Bowers is working on a powerful and emotionally driven project that reflects how she feels about deaths in the LGBTQ+ community. Various techniques such as acrylic painting and graphic imaging were used to create her finished piece “Voices in the Darkness.”

“It is so important that the LGBTQ+ community has a voice for those lost,” explained Bowers. “Giving each of these portraits some form of life helps to bring awareness to a community that is so often overlooked.”

“Crystal showcases a design style where ‘everything old is new again,’” noted Fecho. “She borrows from the retro fonts of mid-century, and brings a newness by including hand-drawn illustrations and vivid pops of color.”

Bowers plans to attend graduate school for printmaking and pursue a career as a mixed media artist.

Aimee Blair Nguyen is a native of Wilson and plans to graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Design.

Nguyen’s portfolio is a combination of problems presented to her as a graphic design intern, and an exploration of broadcasting and video. For her senior exhibition, she has incorporated logos, news packages, and newspaper layout design. She has also included some paintings that define her work as an artist. There will also be video work on display that will showcase her interest in video during the past year.

“Aimee is a minimalist within her design style,” shared Fecho. “Her designs use the most essential of elements, limited color palette, and a touch of whimsy — to create something simple, yet memorable.”

After graduation, Nguyen plans to work at a design firm and continue painting.

For additional information about the Fall 2019 Senior Exhibition, please contact the Barton Art Galleries at 252-399-6477 or email artgalleries@barton.edu.