New Articulation Agreements Provide a Seamless Pathway to Justice Administration Program

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First photo below – from left, seated: Dr. Lew K. Hunnicutt, President of Nash Community College, and Dr. Douglas N. Searcy, President of Barton College; from left, standing: Tammie Clark, Vice President of Instruction/Chief Academic Officer, and Cherie Strickland, Criminal Justice Instructor, at Nash Community College, and Dr. Gary Daynes, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Barton College.

Second photo below – From left, seated: Dr. Douglas N. Searcy, President of Barton College, and Dr. Tim Wright, President of Wilson Community College; from left, standing: Dr. Gary Daynes, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Barton College, and Robert Holsten, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Wilson Community College.

WILSON, N.C. — December 1, 2020 — At a time when communities need the best trained professionals available to serve in roles of justice administration, Barton College is pleased to announce new articulation agreements signed during the 2020 fall semester to provide a seamless pathway for qualified transfer students from Nash Community College and Wilson Community College to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Administration.

“We are proud to sign articulation agreements with two of our closest partner community colleges, Nash Community College and Wilson Community College,” noted Dr. Gary Daynes, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “These articulation agreements will allow Nash and Wilson Community Colleges’ students completing their Associate in Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology with a 2.0 GPA or higher, to matriculate easily into Barton’s Justice Administration degree program and complete their four-year degree. These partnerships serve the students, they serve the community colleges, they serve Barton, and ultimately, they serve the working professionals within the entire range of fields associated with the justice system.” 

These articulation agreements support the collaborative commitment of these three educational leaders in eastern North Carolina to academically prepare students to be successful and productive leaders in the field of justice administration. Barton’s partnering with Nash Community College and Wilson Community College creates opportunities for these students to streamline their educational pursuits, by maximizing the number of credits transferring into the Justice Administration degree, and focusing efforts on expanding their knowledge of justice system roles and leadership responsibilities.

“It is an exciting time to build strong relationships with Criminal Justice Technology program directors and instructors at Nash and Wilson,” noted David Abeling-Judge, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences, and director of the Justice Administration program. “We look forward to serving their students, and working on the shared goal of strengthening leadership across the justice system through education and engagement.”

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Administration is a distinctive program housed within the Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences Program at Barton College, designed for students and working professionals who want to advance their careers or who are considering a career change into the area of justice. The program is offered entirely online, creating flexibility for work and family schedules.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Administration can expand career growth opportunities for many professionals currently working in different branches of law enforcement, including city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, and those considering career paths in state or federal law enforcement. Earning the degree in Justice Administration may also create new opportunities for career development, such as transitioning into probationary services or pursuing a law degree.

“Students and working professionals face significant challenges in furthering their careers, providing for themselves and their families, and serving their communities,” Abeling-Judge added. “Barton College is proud to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration degree to help fast-track their careers in a learning environment that fits their needs and schedules.”


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