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Barton’s Strategic Leadership MBA — A Cut Above

WILSON, N.C. — The Strategic Leadership MBA, a highly sought-after program for business-focused professionals who desire a professional edge as they move their careers forward, is Barton College’s newest addition to an expanding list of graduate study programs. Offered through the School of Business, Barton’s Strategic Leadership MBA incorporates an innovative teaching model (with an integrated international travel component) that sets this degree program apart from other MBA programs.

“This is an exciting step forward for Barton’s School of Business, but more importantly, this is a dynamic MBA program that will give Barton graduates a true edge on the MBA competition in the work force,” explained Ron Eggers, dean of the School of Business at Barton College.

Barton’s Strategic Leadership MBA model offers multiple entry points for admission for undergraduate business majors who enter the program as freshmen or transfers, and for rising business executives with bachelor degrees who are ready to take that next step in their corporate or entrepreneurial careers.

A student may enter the program as a freshman, declare the 3 + 2 MBA program, and graduate in five years with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree; a student may enter Barton as a transfer, declare the 3 + 2 MBA program, and graduate with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree; or a degree-holding student may enter the MBA program, complete the designated refresher courses, and graduate with a master’s degree after 16 months of intensive, but manageable, course work and projects.

The designated set of eight refresher courses has been specifically designed for the working adult enrolled in the program. Hybrid classes will be taught during evenings and/or Saturday, which allows Barton’s MBA students to maintain a healthy work/study/family balance. Student class (or cohort) grouping will allow teamwork and collaboration during travel, as well as for projects and support activities.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Strategic Leadership MBA is the international travel component intentionally woven into the program curriculum. Each cohort of students will participate in an international business study experience abroad during the summer term, with a focus on a specific industry across multiple countries.

Barton’s Strategic Leadership MBA program will foster a creative business leadership environment with a dedicated faculty and engaged student cohort. The program will incorporate local, regional, and global group and individual projects designed to strengthen relationships within all levels of the business community and demonstrate applied learning approaches to problem solving and visionary leadership.

Barton’s focus on strategic leadership permeates the entire MBA curriculum. Through academic achievements, co-curricular activities, and personal and community commitments, Barton’s School of Business will instill a discipline of leadership in its graduates.

“Barton is pleased to launch the MBA in Strategic Leadership,” said Dr. Gary Daynes, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Barton College. “It is evidence of the college’s commitment to our students, and to the businesses and communities in our region.”

No standardized tests are required for admission. Student applicants will complete an entry-level interview with Barton’s School of Business MBA Admissions Committee to determine eligibility. Barton’s criteria for entrance into the Strategic Leadership MBA program takes into account the student’s college performance, letters of reference, work experience, and attitude toward learning. The locked-in cohort pricing of four equal installments will cover the student’s cost of texts, travel, technology, and projects throughout the program.

For additional information about Barton’s Strategic Leadership MBA, visit barton.edu/mba or contact Ron Eggers, dean of the School of Business, at 252-399-6417 or reggers@barton.edu.