Featured image for post: Barton’s Jeff Broadwater Honored by Virginia Historical Society

Barton’s Jeff Broadwater Honored by Virginia Historical Society

WILSON, N.C. — September 9, 2016 —  Dr. Jeff Broadwater, professor of history in the School of Humanities at Barton College epitomizes bold thinking on campus. A renowned scholar, historian, and author, Dr. Broadwater was one of nine individuals recently honored by the Virginia Historical Society with special awards at a celebratory luncheon held in Richmond, Va. Recognized for their significant contributions to research, education, and the mission of the Society, the awardees included students, educators, authors, historians, and volunteers.

The William M. E. Rachal Award was presented to Dr. Broadwater at the luncheon. Honoring the long-time editor of the “Virginia Magazine of History and Biography,” the Rachal Award was established in 1985 to recognize the overall best article to appear in the journal. This year, the committee gave the award to Dr. Broadwater for his article titled “James Madison and the Constitution: Reassessing the ‘Madison Problem,’” which appeared in volume 123, number 3, of the “Virginia Magazine.” The prize committee commented, “We thought [the article] was beautifully written, persuasively argued, and significantly added to our understanding of that complex political thinker.”

“History has always been one of mankind’s greatest tools,” said board chairman and interim president and CEO of the Virginia Historical Society John R. Nelson. “It humbles us, inspires us, helps us understand the present, and provides the key to the future. Above all, history is meant to be shared. The individuals here today understand that. Whether through research, writing, teaching, or volunteering, they have helped bring history to others in new and exciting ways.”