Featured image for post: Barton School of Business and Regional Community Leaders Collaborate on Mentorship Network

Barton School of Business and Regional Community Leaders Collaborate on Mentorship Network

WILSON, N.C. — January 14, 2019 — The Barton School of Business and its newly established Executive Advisory Board (EAB) are joining forces to collaborate on a Mentorship Network. The EAB membership is composed of 21 regional community leaders, many of which are Barton graduates. EAB’s focus this year is the creation of a Mentorship Network to foster meaningful, professional mentorships between EAB members and School of Business students, based on mutual, shared business interests. Mentors will bring their experience and knowledge to the table to help guide students in identifying successful career paths and suitable internships to support those aspirations. These mentoring relationships also will help support students’ development of hard and soft skill sets for future business careers.

The Mentorship Network begins during the second semester of the sophomore year, as each business major is required to complete a program of study for the Business Administration major. The program of study is comprised of five business courses or a mix of five business and inter-disciplinary courses (each three-credit hours) selected by the student and mentor. The emphasis will focus on the student’s professional business goals and will help align the student’s skill sets with professional aspirations.

During the junior year, the student-mentor partnership will explore internship options, and the student will secure an internship to be completed by the beginning of the senior year. Seniors will continue to benefit from the Mentorship Network, as the focus turns to honing the hard and soft skills sets needed to secure a position within the chosen career path and to learn how to thrive in that role. And, providing mentored mock job interviews by members of the EAB will serve as an excellent opportunity for seniors to get experience interviewing with industry professionals, prior to the job recruitment season in the spring. An added plus will be the opportunity for the EAB to continue its mentoring process with students who choose to pursue the 3+2 MBA in Strategic Leadership program, which begins each spring semester.