Barton College and Pamlico Community College Partner on Three Transfer Agreements

Barton and Pamlico sign agreementWILSON, N.C. — Barton College and Pamlico Community College are pleased to announce a partnership through the establishment of three new articulation agreements. The purpose of these newly established articulation agreements is to promote a seamless pathway for qualified transfer students from Pamlico Community College to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Barton.

“Barton welcomes the opportunity to partner with Pamlico Community College through these new articulation agreements,” said Dr. Norval C. Kneten, president of Barton College. “This collaboration will open doors to provide an multitude of educational opportunities for students regionally as they complete their associate’s degree at Pamlico and continue their academic journey, enrolling at Barton to complete baccalaureate and graduate degrees. It is exciting to witness the energy and enthusiasm of the faculty members from both institutions as they realize these transfer students we both serve will be the beneficiaries of this significant partnership.”

“This agreement creates one of those highly desirous situations where everybody wins, most importantly the students and eastern North Carolina, where these graduates will help meet the changing needs of our population,” explained Dr. Cleve H. Cox, president of Pamlico Community College. “We are proud to partner with Barton College on this endeavor and look forward to other agreements in the future.”

Both presidents agree that their respective schools are committed to their communities and to the region at large. They emphasized that this new partnership will only strengthen their institutions’ educational commitment to Eastern North Carolina.

The first articulation agreement focuses on Pamlico Community College students who have completed their Associate in Arts degree or Associate in Science degree with a 2.0 GPA or higher. Having met all standard admission requirements, these Pamlico Community College graduates may transfer to Barton College at the junior level with all baccalaureate general college core requirements satisfied, with the exception of the junior level general education capstone course (GEN 301) that will be completed during the Barton Experience.

Barton and Pamlico have also signed two bilateral agreements, which simplify the process for students successfully completing the Human Services Technology Associate in Applied Science degree at Pamlico to transfer with ease into the Gerontology program or Social Work program at Barton College to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Gerontology or a Bachelor of Social Work degree, respectively.

Any student who enrolls full time in the Barton College day program under these agreements with Pamlico Community College will qualify for an additional tuition scholarship.

“The fact that both Barton College and Pamlico Community College are student-centered institutions fully dedicated to academic excellence and student success makes this a natural and meaningful partnership,” shared Dr. María J. Fraser-Molina, vice president of instructional services and chief academic officer at Pamlico Community College.

This collaboration between Barton College and Pamlico Community College supports both institutions’ commitment to academically prepare students to be successful and productive leaders in their chosen professional fields.

Underscoring that commitment, Dr. Gary Daynes, provost/vice president for academic affairs, and interim vice president for external relations at Barton College, noted, “Pamlico Community College and Barton College both have deep commitments to their communities. We share a desire to improve the quality of life in our region, and we understand that the best way to do that is through education. These articulation agreements allow us to work side by side to help students achieve their educational goals. And, when they achieve their educational goals, the lives of their families and our communities will be better as well.”