Athletic Training Club Gives Back

Jail-N-Bail 2008WILSON, N.C. – With handcuffed campus “criminals,” the Athletic Training Club’s Jail-N-Bail event on November 6 helped club members support their organization and give back to the community all at the same time.  Raising $1,500, the Athletic Training Club presented a check for $750 to the Peace Church food pantry in time for Thanksgiving.

For $20 per warrant, participants ordered the arrests of individuals from a “most wanted” list of faculty and staff.  All other warrants were $5 each.  After being arrested by a Wilson police officer, each of the accused appeared before the “judge” and head athletic trainer Randy Pridgen who set the bail.  If the accused paid his bail immediately, he was free to go; otherwise, he was sentenced to a term of 30 minutes in jail in the Hamlin Dining Hall.

“We’ve been raising money for a couple of years now to [go to district meetings],” said Pridgen, club advisor and associate professor of physical education and sport studies.  “And, the seniors thought that it was a good time to try to give back to the community.”

The Athletic Training Club promotes professionalism in the field of athletic training and performs fundraising activities to assist students who wish to attend the annual clinical symposium hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association (MAATA).  The symposium provides educational seminars and allows students to present case studies relevant to athletic training.  Additionally, it serves as a networking resource, putting students in contact with others in their field of study.


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