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Welcome, Barton Bulldogs!

WILSON, N.C. — August 15, 2019 — Our newest Bulldogs have arrived! Barton College welcomed its largest entering class since 1982 to campus on Thursday, Aug. 15, as parents, grandparents, and siblings helped students move their favorite items from home to their residence halls on campus.

Barton College’s Welcome Weekend extends over the course of four to five days as we have welcomed not only new freshmen and transfers this week, but also the early return of student leaders and athletes. Barton looks forward to welcoming upperclassmen back to campus later this weekend.

New students will participate in “Bulldog Day” activities on Friday, and in the “Service of Induction and Naming” on Sunday evening, both long-standing traditions at Barton. The “Service of Induction and Naming” will be followed by an evening reception for new students at the Barton-Graves House, home of President Searcy and his family.

Classes begin on Monday, followed by the annual “Welcome Back Barton Day” celebration that afternoon for all students, faculty, and staff at the College, hosted by the Wilson Chamber of Commerce and Barton College.