Featured image for post: Barton Students Earn Certification Through BB&T Emerging Leaders Program

Barton Students Earn Certification Through BB&T Emerging Leaders Program

WILSON, N.C. — September 18, 2020 — Barton College offers its congratulations to the School of Business graduate MBA and undergraduate students who recently completed the BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification, a new addition to the School’s co-curricular program.

Barton’s fall 2020 BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification graduates include Tobie Bellamy, Carter Brogden, Grace Browning, Ronaldo Del Duca, Jean Dove, Sharon Evans, Sandra Fliakos, Cynthia Green, Shemar Hudson, Tyler Hunt, Bradi Hurley-Flowers, Holly Johnson, Rachel Krueger, Oscar Marmestedt, Clare McMahon, Jennifer Nelson, Nikki Norlin, Kaity Pearson, Kristen Price, Markus Richardson, Oliva Rivera, Mark Santes, Jailynn Thomas, Ada Vargas, Clay Walters, Colby Warren, Jasmine Wheeler, Faith Williams, and Imrie Worley.

The BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification (ELC) program is a highly interactive certification program for college and university students, which focuses on self-awareness to lead others more effectively. Students learn about the benefits driving their leadership behaviors – both positive and negative – and develop a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses. The curriculum also highlights the relationship between beliefs, motivation, behaviors, and results. After completing the program, students are equipped with practical tools and strategies to overcome leadership shortcomings discovered during the sessions and become a more effective leader.

Jennifer Nelson, a Barton graduate student in the School of Business’ MBA program, shared, “The BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification program provides personalized opportunities to meet with leaders in the industry who offer valuable insight and advice. These leaders help us hone and strengthen our skills and talents to embrace team leadership dynamics. It’s like they are ‘building the individual to create the team.’ It also makes us a part of that conduit of resources for other upcoming leaders. As soon as I added this certification to my resume on two job search websites, I had a significant number of hits within 10 minutes.”

Kelly King, the Chairman and CEO of Truist Financial (formerly BB&T) spoke on Barton’s campus several years ago as the featured speaker for the annual BB&T Center for Free Enterprise Education Lecture Series on campus. He emphasized 10 powerful words that when translated into actions formed the core of how businesses should approach work. They are also good practices for life. The key concepts are: Self-esteem – Pride – Productivity – Teamwork – Justice – Reality – Reason – Independent thinking – Honesty – Integrity.

The BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification builds on King’s concepts, providing a resume enhancing certification that moves easily into personal interactions with family, community, and co-workers at all levels of an organization.