Spanish Major

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


When you major in Spanish at Barton, you develop more than mastery of the language. Along with teaching you the skills you need to communicate, we give you the cultural knowledge you need to thrive in today’s global community and to excel in a variety of professions ranging from teaching and public service to healthcare and business.

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Special Features

At Barton, you’ll be studying with faculty who have lived in Spanish-speaking countries for years and who are closely connected to Spanish-speaking communities in Wilson. They’re also experienced, award-winning teachers who know how to challenge you.

We offer an immersion program in Mexico, as well as other travel-abroad opportunities.

You’ll gain firsthand experience using Spanish by interacting with native speakers and by serving as a translator or interpreter in the community.

All Spanish courses are designed to accommodate different learning styles and learning groups, from students who are just learning the language to heritage learners to native speakers.

The program offers students the opportunity to take up to two years in a collateral language, French.

Course Information

We emphasize communication skills and provide many resources for language development. Upper-level courses both strengthen your skills through conversation and composition classes and expand your knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world through classes that focus on the history, culture, and literature of Spain and Latin America.


Department majors have interned for the City of Wilson and at local newspapers, the Arts Council, the St. Alphonsus International Center, and the Summerville Academy.

All Spanish licensure students intern in local schools.

Career Opportunities

Proficiency in another language, especially one as widely spoken as Spanish, is always an asset—whatever your career field; and, because it is a language that is in increasing demand, you’ll find numerous opportunities to teach Spanish and English as a Second Language.

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