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Religious Studies


Degrees Offered:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


  • Religious Studies with an Emphasis in Judaism and Christianity


Major in religious studies at Barton, and you’ll explore the ideas that have shaped the world. You will learn how religion influenced societies in expansive ways from shaping politics, law, and culture, to inspiring works of art and literature. Students, therefore, will learn the social and historical significance of world religions with an emphasis on Judaism and Christianity through engagement in texts and material objects. 

The Religion program prepares students for success in a variety of career paths and graduate studies by exposing them to the methodologies and real-life applications of the discipline. It also enriches those students in professional programs seeking to develop advanced skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, and ethical decision-making—just the preparation you need for success in any field.

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Course Information

A Major in Religious Studies degree requires a total of 36 semester hours. Required foundation courses include World Religions, Christian Traditions, and Religion in America. Building on these foundations, you will learn the vocabulary, theories, and methods of religious studies in order to join larger conversations inside and outside of the field. You will complete your 36 hours with a selection of electives and a final capstone course.

You may also enhance your degree with a “Language Option,” by successfully completing intermediate level Spanish. 

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Internship Opportunities

You’ll gain valuable professional experience through fieldwork. Our majors have worked at local churches and commercial institutions such as BB&T Bank and Merck Laboratories.

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Career Opportunities

Studying religion is a natural choice if you’re planning to enter the ministry, but it also prepares you for a career in teaching, medicine, the law—almost any field. You’ll find our majors working in communications, law enforcement, banking, and business. Plus, as a religious studies major, you can easily complete a second major with some other area of specialization.

Our graduates have been accepted to graduate programs at:

  • Vanderbilt University Master of Divinity program
  • Liberty University Doctorate in Family Counseling
  • Brite Divinity School
  • Lexington Theological Seminary
  • Christian Theological Seminary
  • Duke University Divinity School
  • East Carolina School of Medicine
  • Graduate Program in Philosophy at the University of Georgia
  • Regent University Law School
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law
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Clubs and Organizations

The Religion/Philosophy Honor Society is not restricted to majors. Members must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in at least four Religion/Philosophy courses.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Religious Studies program has several endowments dedicated to student support. Contact Dr. Rodney Werline or Dr. Lydia Walker for more information.

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