Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies Minor at Barton College will give you an introduction to the study of religion both in the Western tradition and cross-culturally. In particular, it will introduce the vocabulary, concepts, and theories of the discipline of religious studies, provide useful information about a variety of religious traditions and expose you to the skills and attitudes of interfaith leadership. It is a minor that can easily be combined with General Education courses and enhance any major, making you a stronger candidate in a global job market.

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Religious Studies Minor Course Information

Religious Studies minors complete the following courses:

  • REL 110 World Religions

Choose two (2) of the following:

  • REL 123 Christian Traditions
  • REL 221 The Old Testament
  • REL 222 Intro to New Testament
  • REL 230 Myth, Ritual, and Symbol

Choose three (3) of the following:

  • REL 314 Religion in America
  • REL 320 Topics in Biblical Study
  • REL 326 The Spiritual Quest
  • REL 332 Religion and Self
  • REL 335 Living with Dying
  • REL 336 Health, Healing, Religion
  • REL 340 Peacemaking/Communication
  • REL 341 Religion , Society, and Culture

Total Hours Required = 18

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