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Philosophy Minor

A Philosophy minor at Barton College will not only introduce you to the vocabulary, concepts, and major thinkers in philosophy; but it will help you build a base for wise, ethical decisions and develop the skills of interfaith leadership. A minor in philosophy can easily be cross-listed with several General Education courses and can be value-added to any other major, making you a better candidate in a global job market.

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Course Information

Philosophy minors complete the following courses.

Choose any three (3) 100- or 200- level PHI courses:

  • PHI 101 Reasoning/Critical Think
  • PHI 102 Philosophical Questions
  • PHI 202 Great Philosophers of the West
  • PHI 203 Asian Philosophies
  • PHI 212 Contemporary Ethical Problems

Choose any three (3) 300- or 400- level PHI courses:

  • PHI 301 Topics in Philosophy
  • PHI 330 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 333 Environmental Philosophy
  • POL 410 Western Political Theory

Total Hours Required = 18

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