Medical Coding and Billing Minor

The Medical Billing and Coding minor prepares individuals for employment in medical and other health-care related offices. Coursework will include medical terminology; information systems; office management; medical coding, billing, and insurance; legal and ethical issues; and formatting and word processing. Students will learn administrative and support functions and develop skills applicable in medical environments. Employment opportunities are available in medical and dental offices, hospitals, insurance companies, laboratories, medical supply companies, and other healthcare-related organizations.

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Medical Coding & Billing Minor Course Information

Medical Billing and Coding minors complete the following courses:

  • ACC 101 – Principles of Financial Accounting
  • HEA 135 – Medical Insurance and Billing
  • HEA 235 – Procedural Coding
  • HEA 240 – Medical Terminology
  • HEA 245 – Diagnostic Coding
  • HEA 322 – Medical Practice Management
  • NUR 346 – Legal/Ethical Issues in Health

19 Credit Hours Total

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