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A Response To Recent Social Media Postings

In direct response to recent social media postings, this information is provided to underscore and clarify institutional action.

Barton College rejects any form of incivility as contrary to our mission.

The College has a process to address student behavior and incivility when it violates our Code of Student Conduct/Honor Code.

On Monday, a social media post by an admitted student was forwarded to us and flagged as a violation of our core values.

A judicial review was initiated immediately, which involved investigating the allegation, informing the student of charges, conducting a Student Conduct Conference, and then establishing a formal hearing. For admitted students, outcomes of the hearing could range up to and including a retraction of the student’s admission.  This process is currently underway.

In addition, potential student athletes are also accountable to standards of behavior in the athletics department. When potential infractions occur, the team coach and Athletics Director will review the circumstances and contact the student – the results of which could impact scholarship offers and/or team participation.  These processes are not mutually exclusive and can happen simultaneously.

With education at our core, Barton College values the opportunity to help students think critically, understand themselves and the world around them, and be productive and compelling citizens. In addition, all members of the community will be held accountable to our Code of Conduct and Honor Code as we work to achieve the mission of the College.

In an open letter shared Wednesday, President Doug Searcy reminded students, faculty, staff, and alumni of their role in examining systemic injustices, learning about and addressing bias, and amplifying the voices of those who experience oppression. That letter was not in response to this student case but a broader statement of support regarding changes facing our nation and communities.  Dr. Searcy’s message defines Barton’s focus and highlights our expectations as we address this incident.