Leadership and Personnel

Office of the President

Division of Academic Affairs and Student Engagement and Success

Division of Administration and Finance

David A. Browning

David A. Browning

Vice President for Administration and Finance

252-399-6329 • dabrowning@barton.edu

Division of Enrollment Management


Office of Human Resources

 Vicky Morris, photo

Vicky Morris

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

252-399-6330 • vamorris@barton.edu

Division of Institutional Advancement

 Archer Bane, photo

Archer Bane

Executive Director for Institutional Advancement

252-399-6376 • atbane1@barton.edu

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

 Trinette Boone-Langley, photo

Trinette Boone-Langley

Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Inclusion

252-399-6626 • tboone@barton.edu

Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

 Todd Wilkinson, photo

Todd Wilkinson

Director of Athletics

252-399-6552 • twilkinson@barton.edu