Questions and Answers

1. What’s the purpose of Orientation?

During Barton’s Orientation sessions, you will meet your future classmates, friends, and faculty. You will learn about the academic programs and resources provided by Barton, and an Orientation Leader will guide you through each step and introduce you to life as a Bulldog.

2. Is Orientation required?

Yes! We require every incoming student (first-year, transfer, professional studies, or master’s program) to attend an Orientation session that works for your schedule. During your Orientation, you will finalize your course registration, receive your Barton ID, and be introduced to the campus, faculty, and staff. During these sessions, we will also host a Family Orientation. Family Orientation is not required for family members but is highly encouraged.

3. What is the schedule for Orientation?

Schedules may be found on the Dates and Schedules page.

4. Should a family member or guest participate in Orientation?

While it is not required, we highly encourage a family member to engage in Orientation. Family and guests will have their own Orientation events in which they will receive a variety of helpful information regarding academics, housing, finances, campus culture, and resources at Barton. It is a great opportunity to learn what your student can expect from his or her college experience, as well as provide a time to get all of your questions answered and take care of administrative needs.

5. How much does Orientation registration cost?

Orientation fee of $150 is added to each new student statement. The Orientation fee is charged to each incoming first-year and transfer student to cover technology, staffing, and activity costs associated with your introduction to Barton College. Guest registration is $25 per person. This fee also includes Welcome Weekend.

6. What if I need to make a change to my Orientation registration?

If you need to change your Orientation registration for any reason, please contact the Office of Academic and Career Planning at to adjust your registration. We are glad to accommodate your schedule!

7. What is FYS?

FYS or First-Year Seminar is the course designed to support all first-year students in their transition to college. The course will cover topics such as emotional intelligence, graduation mapping, and career exploration. FYS allows students to connect with peer leaders, staff, and faculty who care about supporting first-year students in making the most of their time at Barton. Find more information on First-Year Seminar here.

8. What kind of relationship can I expect to have with professors?

You can expect each of your professors at Barton College to know you by name and to challenge you in academic work. Barton College professors have an open-door policy, which means that you are welcome to visit their offices during office hours without an appointment to ask questions, get assistance, or simply visit. Faculty members at Barton College are genuinely focused on your success as a student and as a professional.

9. How hard will classes be?

All students learn differently, and every professor teaches differently. Expect the difficulty and demand of courses to vary based on content and level. Course numbers go from 100 level to 400 level, which should be an indicator of complexity within the area of study.

If you’re finding coursework to be difficult, the Campion Center for Academic Success offers peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and assistance with writing and quantitative literacy.

10. How do I join clubs or organizations? Can I get involved right away?

We would love for you to get involved as soon as possible in one of the more than 50 campus organizations that currently exist at Barton College. New students have the opportunity to interact with clubs at an interest fair during Orientation, as well as the Club Fair during Welcome Week. To begin browsing the opportunities to get involved, visit the Campus Engagement page.

11. What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week will be your first official week on campus as a Barton Bulldog. During the week, we will offer assistance as you move into your assigned residence hall, along with many fun and educational activities to help you meet people and get familiar with the campus before the start of the semester.  During the week, we will host activities and events for you to connect with other students.

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