First-Year Seminar

Welcome to First-Year Seminar! FYS is a course designed specifically for Barton College first-year students. It explores topics related to the academic and social transition from high school to college, and it is an introduction to Barton College. All the FYS classes are designed to help you be a successful college student. For example, all classes will work in areas such as emotional intelligence, time management, career research, and choice of a major. Your FYS instructor also serves as your academic advisor during your first year at Barton.

As we move through the course and you move through your first semester, you will have several opportunities and decisions come your way, and your FYS advisor will be here to help guide you. Our hope is that you consider your new environment, your skills, your friendships, and everything that you are learning in your decision-making process. Your experiences this semester can help to shape your next four years, and those years will help to shape your adult life. While going to college is exciting and new, you must reflect on the college experience as a whole and not several individual parts.

You will meet your FYS faculty member and academic advisor during Orientation.