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ART 102 – Art Appreciation

Dr. Amanda Lange

Art Appreciation presents the use of arts as a part of human existence. Students will use a variety of lectures, videos, readings, and projects to gain insight into the important role art plays in our current and past societies.

About Dr. Lange

Dr. Amanda Lange is an alumna of Barton College and Boston University with degrees in Painting & Drawing and Art Education. Her passion lies in art history, specifically non-western art history, and she is currently finishing an additional master’s degree in Art History with a focus on Pre-Columbian Peru. Before coming to Barton as an adjunct art instructor, Dr. Lange worked for more than a decade as a high school art teacher where she implemented the county’s first art history program and IB Art program. In her free time, she enjoys reading voraciously as well as spinning and weaving, painting, and watching Critical Role.


BUS 101 O – Business and Society

Mrs. Jacqueline Fischer

This course will provide students with a foundation of business principles and an understanding of the effects of business in society. An introduction to various aspects of business and society includes corporate social responsibility, brand loyalty and brand positioning, globalization, and key business terms. Students will be enabled to apply these principles as an influence in their everyday lives.

About Mrs. Fischer

Jacqueline Fischer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications with double concentrations in Public Relations and Broadcasting from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2004 and earned her Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership from Barton College in 2020. Ever since her own undergraduate experience, her vocation has been higher education. Beginning in admissions at her alma mater and evolving through her time in higher education to advising, she is now the Director of Transition and Student-Athlete Programs in the Office of Academic and Career Planning at Barton. Her primary focus there includes working with student-athletes for academic planning and academic resources, guiding students who are interested in studying globally, advising international students who are attending Barton, and assisting with Orientation. She enjoys spending time with her two children and husband, traveling (especially to beaches), and attending Barton College events to support students.


ENG 207 J – Film Appreciation

Professor Shawn McCauley

This course will explore the cinema as an art form, emphasizing the interpretation and appreciation of film as narrative medium. By identifying and analyzing the creative choices made by filmmakers, students will better understand that how a story gets told has a profound impact on what that story means to an audience.

HUM 150 – Stories that Matter

Professor Shawn McCauley

Whether it is the latest film in the Star Wars saga, the newest episode of Black Mirror, or the freshest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series, contemporary culture often draws heavily upon stories from history, religion, and literature, weaving them together in new and unexpected ways. By exploring these stories and the people, events, beliefs, and cultures that they portray, this course will offer students a broad understanding of what the Humanities are and the value that they hold.

About Mr. McCauley

Professor Shawn McCauley earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English at East Carolina University, and he currently serves as the Director of General Education and the Director of the Sam and Marjorie Ragan Writing Center. A recipient of the 2019 Lincoln Financial Excellence in Teaching Award, he has served at Barton College since 2010. He has taught a wide variety of courses throughout his time at Barton, including freshman composition classes, broad surveys of British literature and literary theory, and in-depth seminars on Shakespeare, Milton, and satire. Beyond these formal classes, he also has academic interests in film, narratology, and the history of medicine. During his down time, he enjoys playing guitar, pickleball, and disc golf, just not simultaneously. He lives with his wife, daughter, one dog, two parakeets, and four guinea pigs, which may or may not legally qualify as a circus.


PSY 101 O – Introductory Psychology

Dr. Sheri Browning

Reach into the realm of the human mind and its functions as you and classmates explore the various sub-areas that comprise psychology, including the development of psychology as a science, learning and memory, biological foundations of behavior, sensation and perception, human development, social psychology, and psychological disorders. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and understanding the scientific methods used in the discipline.

About Dr. Browning

Dr. Sheri Browning received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2007, and earned her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2015, where she studied songbird vocal communication. Because of Dr. Browning’s interest in both human and animal behavior, she is best described as a comparative psychologist. She also is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd,” whose passion has allowed her to conduct bird research on Lundy Island, in England’s Bristol Channel. After teaching psychology for four years in Tennessee, Dr. Browning became a faculty member at Barton College. Some of Dr. Browning’s favorite classes to teach include Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. In her free time, Dr. Browning enjoys hiking, quilting, and participating in Barton Fit activities.

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