Stories that Matter

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HUM 150 – Stories that Matter

Professor Shawn McCauley

Whether it is the latest blockbuster film, a hot new TV series, or the most recent installment of a beloved video game franchise, today’s culture often draws heavily upon stories from history, religion, and literature, weaving them together in new and unexpected ways. By exploring these stories and the people, events, beliefs, and cultures that they portray, this course will offer students a broad understanding of what the Humanities are and the value that they hold.
About Mr. McCauley

spmccauley-225×300Professor Shawn McCauley earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English at East Carolina University, and he currently serves as the Director of General Education and the Director of the Sam and Marjorie Ragan Writing Center. A recipient of the 2019 Lincoln Financial Excellence in Teaching Award, he has served at Barton College since 2010. He has taught a wide variety of courses throughout his time at Barton, including freshman composition classes, broad surveys of British literature and literary theory, and in-depth seminars on Shakespeare, Milton, and satire. Beyond these formal classes, he also has academic interests in film, narratology, and the history of medicine. During his down time, he enjoys playing guitar, pickleball, and disc golf, just not simultaneously. He lives with his wife, daughter, one dog, two parakeets, and four guinea pigs, which may or may not legally qualify as a circus.

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