Introductory Psychology

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PSY 101 O – Introductory Psychology

Dr. Sheri Browning

Reach into the realm of the human mind and its functions as you and classmates explore the various sub-areas that comprise psychology, including the development of psychology as a science, learning and memory, biological foundations of behavior, sensation and perception, human development, social psychology, and psychological disorders. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and understanding the scientific methods used in the discipline.

About Dr. Browning

sabrowning-600×800Dr. Sheri Browning received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2007, and earned her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2015, where she studied songbird vocal communication. Because of Dr. Browning’s interest in both human and animal behavior, she is best described as a comparative psychologist. She also is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd,” whose passion has allowed her to conduct bird research on Lundy Island, in England’s Bristol Channel. After teaching psychology for four years in Tennessee, Dr. Browning became a faculty member at Barton College. Some of Dr. Browning’s favorite classes to teach include Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. In her free time, Dr. Browning enjoys hiking, quilting, and participating in Barton Fit activities.

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