Residence Life FAQs

Am I required to live on Campus?

Barton College students are required to live in the residence halls until they have lived on campus for six (6) semesters, four (4) semesters if enrolled prior to Fall 2020.

What are the reasons for requesting an exemption from on-campus living?

    1. Commuting from a parent’s/legal guardian’s home from within 40 miles of campus (50 miles for students enrolled prior to Fall 2020). Notarized Parent Statement and Verification of Mileage Required.
    2. Serious medical condition that prevents the student from living on campus. Documentation from a Licensed Medical Provider is required.
    3. 23 years of age or older. Documentation of age required.
    4. Married and living with my spouse. Documentation required.
    5. A parent with custody of my child(ren). Documentation required.
    6. Fulfilled the six semester live on requirement. Verified by the College.
    7. You are a senior graduating December 2024 or May 2025.
    8. For Transfer Students (enrolled Fall 2023 or after), the student has completed 60 transferable hours and has a transferable GPA of 2.8 or higher. To be verified by the Office of the Registrar. (Does NOT include Early College Students)
    9. For Transfer students (enrolled Fall 2023 or after), the student has a conferred Associate Degree with a transferable GPA of 2.8 or higher. To be verified by the Office of the Registrar. (Does NOT include Early College Students)
    10. For Active Fraternity Members Only, you have earned 60 credit hours at Barton College and have a GPA of 2.5.
    11. For Active Fraternity Members Only, you hold the Executive Office of President in your Fraternity, have a GPA of 2.5 and will reside full-time at the established Fraternity House.


Once the Housing Exemption Application and all supporting documentation is received, the information is reviewed by a committee. The committee members include: Residence Life, the Lee Student Health Center, Department of Athletics, AVI and Student Financial Services. A decision letter will be emailed to the student after a decision is reached by the committee. If the student is not approved for a housing exemption, the student has 5 business days to appeal the decision to the Dean of Students.

How do I apply to live on campus?

Once Barton College has received your admission deposit you will be able to visit your MyBartonHousing portal to complete your Student Housing Application and the Housing Contract.

Is there a residence hall contract?

Your residence hall contract is signed at the time of application and is always available on the MyBartonHousing Portal. The contract is your formal commitment to live on campus from when you accept your key to the end of the academic year (end of the spring semester). Contracts are valid from August 1 through the date of spring Commencement. Move-in dates will be set closer to the start of the academic term as they vary slightly from year to year. The contract is used for both your residence hall room as well as your meal plan.

When will I get my residence hall contract?

Contracts for the upcoming academic year become available for all students during the prior spring semester. For example, contracts for 2023-2024 are available beginning in the spring of 2023. All contracts are available on the MyBartonHousing Portal.

How much does it cost to live in the residence halls?

To see our current room and board costs, please visit the Residence Halls page.

Is a housing deposit required?

No housing deposit is required; the admissions deposit is the only required deposit for the College.

Is my housing payment refundable?

Should a student withdraw from Barton College, a prorated refund may be granted. For questions concerning refunding and payment, please contact the Student Financial Services at 252-399-6333.

When will I know where I will live?

For incoming students, once you have signed and submitted your Housing Contract, you will be able to select an on-campus space using your MyBartonHousing portal. Housing Selection dates are communicated by the Office of Residence Life by email. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Residence Life at or 252-399-6386.

How are housing assignments made?

Once you have signed your Housing Contract, you will be able to select an on-campus space based on availability.  Housing Selection dates are communicated by the Office of Residence Life by email. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Residence Life at or 252-399-6386.

May I request a particular residence hall?

During the Housing Selection period, you can login to your MyBartonHousing portal to select an on-campus space that is available.

When will I know who my roommate is?

In the MyBartonHousing portal, you can choose a roommate. Once you select a space on-campus, you will be able to see your roommate in your MyBartonHousing portal. You can use this helpful video to assist with creating a roommate group.

What if my roommate and I don’t get along?

While we hope that you would get along well with your roommate, there are instances in which roommates aren’t compatible. If for some reason you have concerns regarding your roommate, you should reach out to your RA to discuss next steps to resolve the conflict or possibly, space permitting, facilitate a room change.

What is provided in my room?

  • 2 Beds with Mattresses (Most beds are Twin-XL.)
  • 2 Desks and Chairs
  • 2 Closets or Wardrobes
  • Dresser Space
  • High-speed Community Broadband WiFi

What should I bring?

  • Pillows, Linens (Twin-XL Size)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Plastic Bucket for Shower Supplies
  • Towels, Washcloths
  • Personal Grooming Supplies
  • Shower Shoes
  • Hair Dryer, etc.
  • Laundry Basket/Bag
  • Laundry/Cleaning Supplies
  • Raincoat/Umbrella
  • Eating Utensils
  • Can Opener
  • Computer
  • Study/Desk Lamp
  • Book Bag/Backpack
  • Calculator
  • Office Supplies (Paper, Pens, Tape, Scissors, etc.)
  • First Aid Supplies/Medications
  • Wastebasket
  • Flashlight
  • Sports/Hobby Equipment/Bike
  • Posters

The items below also are permitted in the residence hall rooms. You are encouraged to check with your roommate prior to arriving to avoid duplication of large items:

  • Plants
  • Iron
  • Television
  • Video Game Systems
  • Electric Fan
  • Electric Outlet Strip (with breaker switch)
  • Microwave Oven (1200 Watts max.)
  • Refrigerator (max. 4 cubic feet.)
    • In lieu of purchasing microwaves and refrigerators, many students opt to rent a Microfridge Unit. Information about these rentals are available on the Residence Life homepage.

What can’t I bring?

  • Toasters/toaster ovens
  • Firearms/weapons
  • Pets other than fish
  • Empty alcoholic containers (including bottle/can collections, etc.)
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Oil-burning lamps
  • Halogen lamps
  • Gas space heaters
  • Single outlet extension cords
  • Hot plates/hot pots
  • Window unit air conditioners
  • George-Foreman-style grills
  • Fryers
  • Air Fryers
  • Crock-pots

What is my room like?

Learn more about each Residence Hall here.

Whom can I ask for help?

Each floor of each residence hall has an Resident Assistant (RA) assigned who is there to ensure the safety of the building and provide assistance to students if needed. Barton’s campus has two Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) that supervise the RAs on each side of campus. The RLCs also serve as Conduct hearing officers for all documentations on campus. Each RLC has a Graduate Assistant who oversees some of the day to day work as well as serves in the on-call rotation with the other professional staff. All of these positions are overseen by the Director of Residence Life and Chief Judicial Officer.

You can view our current staff on the Residence Life home page.

How is safety and security ensured on campus?

The College has installed card readers at the entrances to all Residence halls so only residents of each building can gain access. In addition, all guests must be escorted by a resident of the building at all times. Members of the housing staff are on duty for students to contact should the need arise. All residence halls contain cameras that are monitored by the Wilson Police Department – Barton College District. Barton College contracts with the Wilson Police Department for our campus safety needs, and the Wilson Police Department has set up a district office on Barton College’s campus. Wilson Police Department officers are available on-campus twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Whom do I contact when I have questions?

Please contact Residence Life in the Office of Student Engagement.  Call us at 252-399-6386 or email us at

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