Religious Life


chapel-400x267The Office of the Chaplain believes that the pursuit of knowledge includes the process of spiritual maturity and, therefore, seeks to facilitate the spiritual transformation that each student embarks on in higher education. We hope this transformation includes an understanding of God’s call in one’s life, theological reflection of personal beliefs, and the important task of articulating and faithfully living those beliefs.

The chaplain oversees campus ministry groups, facilitates worship services, work trips, and other special events throughout the life of the College. The chaplain is also available for pastoral care, hospital visitation, and facilitates support for family emergencies.

Barton College offers several denominational groups in which students may participate. These groups are supported through campus advisors and area churches.

Barton’s faith community is open to all denominations and religious preferences. We believe that a college campus should encourage dialogue among all peoples. The Office of the Chaplain will happily help support and facilitate the start of new groups.


COMMUNITY: Foster a safe space to explore our identity and beliefs within an environment that is supportive and accepting.

REFLECTION: The art of interpreting our lives to make the connection between our lived experience and our religious tradition.

SERVICE: Use our reflection as a source of wisdom and guidance to take action within our community in order to bring about greater justice and change.