Quantitative Literacy Center


Barton College’s Quantitative Literacy Center (often affectionately referred to as the “QL Center”) is committed to helping you understand and navigate quantitative information and mathematics, both in your classes and as part of our world.

The Center is equipped with computers and calculators, with student and professional staff nearby to help you as you work on homework or study. Open tutoring is available for mathematics courses, including MTH 100, MTH 130, MTH 210, MTH 240, and MAT 250, as well as other courses with a quantitative focus such as QRT 120. Appointments are also available and can be booked through the Schedule a Tutor link in any Canvas class.


The Quantitative Literacy Center is located in The Georgia Brewer Campion Center for Academic Success.

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Chelsie Batten, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics

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