About APP

Barton’s Accelerated Professional Programs provide expanded options for our adult students, and they are designed with the working adult in mind. The Accelerated Professional Programs include online, evening, and weekend courses, giving adults more choices in completing their degrees.


  • Adults age 22 and older are eligible. For the Birth-Kindergarten Education program, the minimum age is 20.
  • Classes are offered year-round in a semester system (fall and spring semesters, including a summer session in each academic year).
  • Classes can meet online, evenings, or weekends on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon.
  • Classes are taught by qualified faculty with other college support services available.

Course and Schedule Options

All courses necessary for earning degrees in the majors offered in the Accelerated Professional Programs are rotated through the semesters. Each Accelerated Professional Programs student should meet with an academic advisor to determine the course work necessary for completion of a degree program. The evaluation of transfer credit, the general catalog of enrollment, and the course rotation schedule are used by the advisor and the student to develop a plan of work. This will eliminate missing prerequisites and courses that may not be offered frequently.

Course Offerings

The Accelerated Professional Programs offer classes in the evening, on the weekends, and online. Contact the APP office to learn more, or apply online here. For a list of current APP courses, click here.

Evenings at Barton

Classes offered in an evening format are held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Weekends at Barton

Weekends at Barton provide students with an opportunity to take all or a portion of their courses on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Online Offerings

Contact the Office of Accelerated Professional Programs to learn more about courses currently offered in hybrid or online formats.

Accelerated Professional Programs provide courses of study through on-campus classes and online classes. All programs require some on-campus class attendance. Due to restrictive state regulations, Barton College is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students outside the state of North Carolina. Online courses offered at Barton College are intended to provide opportunities to teach current students in more flexible ways and to provide working adults in the region with alternative learning opportunities.