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Horizons (Horizontes)

The new Horizons (Horizontes) Pathway group at Barton College seeks to recognize the celebrated heritage of students whose backgrounds and cultural traditions are richly distinctive and diverse.  

In our inaugural year, this Pathway group will focus on the revered Latinx/Hispanic traditions that are widely represented in Barton’s growing Latino community, exploring how different heritages shape who we are and how we live.  You will engage the broader campus community in your exploration, discovering food traditions, cultural experiences, the roles of family and community, how we all celebrate and have fun, and how we support one another to promote greater awareness and understanding.  

All students, regardless of ethnicity, are welcomed into Horizons (Horizontes).  Look forward to making new friends, learning about a variety of cultural traditions, and experiencing a welcoming and relaxed meeting environment that offers support and friendship. Come join us!