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Educators in Action

Educators in Action (EIA) is one of Barton College’s newest Pathway programs. Designed to give a career advantage to students interested in education, EIA combines social activities with numerous opportunities to meet, work, and learn from successful educators in our region, many of whom are Barton College alumni. This Pathway group is meant to be engaging, fun, low-pressure, and impactful in giving Barton EIA graduates a variety of advantages you are unlikely to find any place but Barton.

Early in the first semester, leaders and upperclassmen will meet with incoming Educators in Action students to socialize and become acquainted, offering advice on adjusting to college and creative thinking about the many options available to help you stand out from the crowd. A series of guest speakers will engage you to think about issues and aspects of the education field that most interest you, supported by opportunities to observe real, practicing educators in action. 

This Pathway group will also focus on a particular education issue to explore deeply during the second semester. During that time, EIA students will have an opportunity to raise awareness around the chosen issue, engage with the community, bring experts to campus, and participate in field experiences that will help you build a network of professionals that can lead to great jobs down the road. Meetings are informal and fun, and always include an important social component, as bonds are created and friendships are established.

Project explorations, field trips, speakers, and opportunities to “practice” continue into the second year. As you move into your junior year and senior year, most of the meetings will be held in relaxed social settings, as upperclassmen serve as mentors, while you prepare for student teaching and required testing. This allows you to focus, without extra pressure, on the  successful completion of your academic work in the major. EIA leaders and others work closely with you as you near graduation and prepare to shine in interviews and highlight the leadership skills you’ve gained through the Educators in Action Pathway.