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Jackie S. Ennis, Ph.D.

Dr. Jackie Ennis serves as the Dean of the School of Education and the Dean of Accelerated Professional Programs. She became a full-time faculty member in the School of Education in 1995, following 15 years of experience as a public school teacher. Dr. Ennis’ areas of interest include preparing students to become professional educators, working with adults who are pursuing their educational interests, and using technology as an instructional tool. She recently co-authored the textbook Promoting 21st Century Skills and Thinking with Classroom Technology, published by National Social Science Press. She has also published supporting materials for mathematics teaching methods in grades K-8. Dr. Ennis has provided numerous professional development sessions for public school teachers.She serves on a variety of committees at the state level designed to promote public K-12 education in North Carolina and also serves on the North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative cohort.