Talk like a Bulldog

Bulldog running across campusAcademic Advisor – Faculty or staff member who helps you create and achieve your educational and career goals. Academic Advisors assist with course planning, registration, campus resources, and academic progress to your degree. This person usually is your FYS instructor during your first year, and then a professor within your major.

Academic Calendar – The official calendar of the college, available at

AWC/WDC – American-Western Cultures (AWC) and World Cultures (WDC) courses are required to develop critical thinking, oral communication, and writing skills. To graduate, you will need a total of 12 credit hours in these courses.

ADA Accommodations – Accommodations made in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need accommodations, contact Trina Johnson 252-399-6496 or

Barton App – You can download the Barton App through the App Store or Google Play. The app has campus schedules, events, and interactive campus wide games.

Barton Partners – Businesses and stores in the city of Wilson who provide student discounts

BC – Barton College

Bully Bucks – Money on your Student ID Card that can be used in Bully’s Grill or the Hines Hall Express for snacks, coffee, or convenience items

Bully’s Grill – The alternative dining option connected to the student center which serves fast food, shakes, drinks, snacks, and convenience store items

CAB – Campus Activities Board hosts events throughout the year such as movie nights, video game tournaments, and Pre-Exam Jam.

The Caf – A more common way to talk about the dining hall run by the ever famous Tony Tilley

Campus Connect – The online content management system where you can register and view courses, view your transcript, and access campus services. Available at

CCJ – Criminology and Criminal Justice

Center Campus – The large grassy area outside Hines Hall where many campus events are hosted

The CollegiateThe Barton College campus newspaper

Credit Requirement – Number of actual credit hours you are required to complete for graduation. You must have 126 credits to graduate.

Dean – A dean oversees an academic program or division.

Dean of Students – Dean Jared Tice oversees student conduct, orientation, fraternity and sorority life and advises the Student Government Association (SGA).

The Doghouse – The nickname for Wilson Gymnasium

Dr. Douglas Searcy – Barton’s 12th and current president

eLearning – Students can submit assignments online and view grades through eLearning, which can be found on your Campus Connect account.

Faculty – College employees who teach academic courses

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. By signing the FERPA form, you can grant parents and guardians access to view your grades and business office information.

FYS – First-Year Seminar is the course all first-year students take to help them adjust to college life and expectations.

GEN 301 – A capstone course taken in your junior year that combines writing, critical thinking, and oral communication skills.

Gen Ed – General education requirements are courses necessary for graduation that may not be within your major or program of study.

General Catalog  The list of courses that have been, are currently, or will be offered at Barton College with course descriptions and other details. Available at

GPA – Grade Point Average

Hall Director – A professional staff member who oversees a residence hall

The KRIC – The Kennedy Recreation and Intramural Center holds the pool, weight room, practice gym, and walking track.

LLC – Living and Learning Communities aim to integrate educational and experiential opportunities within a residence hall floor.

MTWRF – M stands for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, and F for Friday.

Night of the Golden Bulldogs – Event hosted in May to honor students who have been exceptional leaders in clubs and campus organizations

OSS – The Office of Student Success provides success coaching, graduation planning, academic support services, and career services. Located on the first floor of Hackney Library.

O Team – The Orientation Team is a student-led group that welcomes students and families to campus during the summer and fall and attends numerous professional development and team-building events throughout the year.

Plagiarism – The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work

RA – Resident Assistant. Each residence hall has an RA who is responsible for programming and being a resource to students.

Registrar – The College official who oversees course registration and ensures that students are eligible to graduate. The registrar’s office is located on the first floor of Harper Hall.

Senate Meeting – Monthly campus-wide meetings hosted by the SGA at which all campus clubs and organizations discuss upcoming events

SGA – Student Government Association. A group of elected students who oversee campus-wide events and support other campus organizations and clubs.

SI – Supplemental Instruction. A program offered through the Office of Student Success that provides weekly review sessions for students taking difficult courses. SI offerings vary each semester.

Smarthinking – Online delivery of tutoring services is made possible by our partnership with Smarthinking. Through Smarthinking, your individual tutoring account allows access to a wide range of subjects supported by professionals with master- and doctoral-degree-level expertise.

Staff – Individuals who work for Barton College, but do not teach academic courses

Student Ambassador – Students employed by the Office of Admissions who give tours to prospective students and family members

Student Worker – A student employed by a campus department or office

Syllabus – An outline or brief summary of course content and assignments given by each professor. This is your “contract” for the course. You can view your syllabus for a course on Campus Connect.

TMS – Tuition Management System. The online program that allows students to pay their college bills electronically.

Tony Tilley – Dining hall manager, matchmaker, and entertainer extraordinaire.

True Blue Friday – Barton students wear blue every Friday to show school pride and spirit.

Welcome Back Barton Day – After the first day of classes, Wilson businesses come to campus to welcome Barton’s students to Wilson with give-away and free food.

Welcome Weekend – A three-day long event for first-year students to enjoy campus and become part of the Barton community before classes begin.

Writing Center  Located beside Hackney Library, The Sam and Marjorie Ragan Writing Center allows students to review their papers and writing assignments with a trained writing center tutor.

Y’all – Stands for you all. It’s a Southern thing; y’all will get used to it!