Scholarships and Grants

Every year, Barton offers numerous scholarships that recognize the academic, athletic, and leadership abilities and potential of our students. More information about these scholarships is available here:

Applying for Barton Scholarships

To qualify for awards and scholarships, you must apply for admission to Barton. Scholarship awards are based only on official transcripts and test scores. No additional scholarship applications are required.

You may receive more than one scholarship if qualified. However, the total amount of grants and scholarships from all institutional sources may not exceed the total cost of attendance.

Special Awards

Dependent children of Barton College/Atlantic Christian College graduates qualify for the Alumni Scholarship, which equals $1,000 and is renewable if the student maintains a cumulative 2.5 GPA.

The Multiple Family Member Discount, worth $1,000, is awarded to the second and subsequent family member enrolled at Barton. The additional family member must be a dependent of the same household, and both students must be enrolled on a full-time basis.

With over 120 endowed scholarships, Barton offers a wide variety of awards for deserving students with all kinds of special interests and in a host of subject areas.

A limited number of athletes in baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, tennis, softball and volleyball receive Athletic Grants-in-Aid. These scholarships are awarded at the coaches’ discretion based upon athletic performance and ability.

Federal and State Grants

Several grants are available from the federal government and the state of North Carolina to defray the costs of college education. Unlike a loan, a grant is aid you do not have to repay.

Federal Pell Grants provide awards from $598 to $5,815 per year. The actual amount you receive depends on your estimated family contribution (which is determined by completing the FAFSA form at, your enrollment status as a student, and the availability of funds allocated by Congress.

To learn more about Pell Grants, visit the federal student aid web site.

Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grants are for students showing exceptional financial need. Students receiving Federal Pell Grants are given priority. Awards vary from $200 to a maximum of $4,000 per year, depending upon funds available and the need of students concerned.

State Grants and Scholarships

The North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship is awarded to students that demonstrate financial need and are determined to be a resident of North Carolina. Students must go to to be considered for the North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship. Once a determination is made through the RDS website, it will last as long as the student is continuously enrolled.

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